The Influences of Music

Music has been used for therapies to treat psychiatric patients and children with communication, attention and behaviour problems. This is very successful and is commonly used as treatment for those who can afford. Music on malls and supermarkets has been carefully selected to encourage shoppers to take time strolling. Music on operating rooms is mostly classical music which boosts brain activity and results in faster brain functioning. Music has been an irremovable and irreplaceable art in our lives.

As entertainment, music provides stimulation that is described as fun. It uplifts the mood and makes us happy. People go to concerts for entertainment, a group of friends usually has article sessions to be entertained, and music addicts download music to be entertained… the list is endless.

Music is also revival. It revives memories and feelings triggered by the music a person has been listening to. It is likewise revitalizing especially in the morning before going to work and soothes during rest.

Music triggers strong sensations especially when listening to classical music. It gives thrilling emotional experiences.

Music is a diversion. It distracts the mind from unpleasant thoughts. It is an escape for most people and serves as a coping mechanism from the stress experienced.

Music discharges emotions. It releases the negative energy and is used for purging and cleansing. The ancient Greeks has been combining music and drama which is thought to cleanse the mind from mental disturbances (these mental disturbances were thought as the reasons behind physical illnesses).

Music induces mental work. Baroque classical music is said to have mind boosting effects and is very helpful if a person wants to concentrate on studying and for homework. It cuts distractions and makes you focus on your work.

Music also provides solace. A person listening to a deep and meaningful music can have mediations which helps a lot on the person’s mind.

There are different kinds of music which induces different kind of feelings. Classical music calms and relaxes as well as boosts the brain activity. Pop music- being catchy, uplifts feelings while country songs induces sad feelings which is linked to suicide. But the best country songs has good contents in them which encourages the person listening to it to move on despite of the hardships.

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